"I have the fortune of being endorsed by individuals who have experienced my work ethic and skill set. I share these endorsements with you in hopes of showing you how committed I am to making an impact on the process and working hard to represent you." - Wendy Horman

3353960.jpg“I have worked with Wendy for years as I have served as Vice Chair of the House Education Committee. Not only is she a dedicated mother, but Wendy has extensive experience serving at the state and local levels. She serves as a trustee on the Bonneville School District Board and previously served as President of the Idaho School Boards Association. In both roles, Wendy has demonstrated strong leadership, finding practical solutions to the challenges we have faced in education. Wendy Horman will be a great leader in the Idaho Legislature and deserves your strong support."

---Representative Mack Shirley, Vice Chair, House Education Committee



8050506.jpg“Wendy is on the cutting edge of education innovation. She has testified a number of times before the legislature and has gained the respect of members on both the House and Senate sides. I know from experience that Wendy spends the time to research an issue before she takes a position.  Her commitment to listen to parents, students and teachers and examine the evidence will make her an outstanding legislator. I urge voters in District 30 to send Wendy to Boise by supporting her in the primary election on May 15.”

---Senator John Goedde, Chair, Senate Education Committee



Neil Anderson endorses Wendy Horman!
Click HERE to read full endorsement letter.

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